There has been an increasing trend among many brands to use SMS as a part of their multi-channel marketing campaigns. But at the same time there are very few digital marketing agencies that use SMS as a part of their core offering. Thus, their clients are actually missing out on communicating with their customers and as a result increased ROI.

There are some organizations that have a wrong perception about the high investment that is required to implement mobile marketing. They also have a strong believe that mobile apps are expensive and it is not possible to send personalized and targeted communication through SMS. However, the fact is that mobile communications can be easily accessed. Getting in touch with mobile consumers irrespective of whether they use smart phones or non-smart phones can be quite simple. It is also easy to send a personalized and targeted text message.

Let us now look at some of the top benefits of SMS marketing:

Learning more about your customers is easy

If you are planning to get direct feedback from your customers through survey, SMS is indeed a great channel to do so. Research data has shown that on an average, about 31 percent of your consumers will send a response to your survey via an SMS. On an average, user response time is just about 5 minutes. This signifies that you can accomplish great results within a short span of time.

Increased customer engagement

A marketing professional should regard SMS as a way of enhancing how his brand engages the customers across their life-cycle. The type of SMS content that is sent out to their customers should be varied. Though, customers love getting news and updates on future developments within a brand, such information should be ideally delivered via emails where more creative and lengthier messaging is more apt.

Easy integration with other marketing channels

If the marketing mix is such that different channels work in collaboration, there is nothing better than that. While SMS is a good standalone channel but it also enjoys the capability for supporting and enhancing other marketing mediums, such as email and social media. For instance, they can act as a reminder to customers to check an email sent by a brand hours or days before. A follow-up SMS that asks customers a question like “have you read our latest email” can be immensely helpful in increasing email open rates by up to 30 percent.

It is an immediate and direct channel

SMS has an impressive read rate of up to 97 percent with a maximum delivery time of just 15 minutes. These attractive features can reassure you that customers will read your time critical texts almost instantly.

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